dried cherries, white chocolate peanut butter & pecans

My Hubster loves cherries so i couldn’t resist throwing a few his way this morning… A bit tart and a bit sweet, blends well with the other flavors of this om of the day.

1 T dried cherries
1 T white chocolate peanut butter
1 T pecans
1-3 t agave (to taste)

Directions: Mix all ingredients together, or if you like you can garnish with a few extra cherries.



mOMent: ‘Blending in’ can be quite a difficult job sometimes, especially if you’ve been conditioned to set yourself apart from those around you. Try it once or twice today and see how you feel…

white chocolate peanut butter and reese’s

Mmmm…nothing like some decadence on a cold morning. Fill me up with hot coffee and some of this om…and I’ll be ready to go!


1 C cooked old-fashioned oats
1 T white chocolate peanut butter
sprinkle of reese’s pieces

Directions: Mix ingredients together and enjoy!


mOMent: It’s never too late to begin again. Is there something that you wish you could start over, refresh or hit the reset button on? What’s stopping you? Look around and notice that others all across the globe have potentially done what you want to do. Have a look at how they did it, and get some pointers. Go for it!