Vampires Beware!

Mmmmm…garlic! This creamy garlic sauce was easy to make and very versatile. The recipe was for penne pasta and garlic sauce, but as you can see from the photos below I enjoyed mine atop of a potato while Rubes enjoyed his on tri-color pasta from Trader Joe’s. garlic sauce cooking

pasta with garlic sauce

potato with garlic sauce

Again, another hit from Happy Herbivore meal plans. Gotta love it.





A little bit of a fail…

So, last night was supposed to be a Grilled Corn & Quinoa Salad, which actually ended up being “canned corn thrown in a pan with BBQ flavoring, green onion and grape tomatoes, mixed with quinoa and cilantro” we also added some avocado which gave it a little flair, but I really think next time we’ll try to find a grill to do the recipe as it suggests…because what was created was a little boring. Which I’m not a fan of…OH WELL!

Quinoa Tomato Corn Salad

On another note, I found a really cute avocado.

Teeny Avocado

Teeny Avocado


Next up: Eggless salad *super yummy*

Truffled Tomato Basil Stacks

If this recipe could sing, it would sound like a choir from the most angelic place on earth.  Who doesn’t love fresh wholesome ingredients?  Who doesn’t LOVE heirloom tomato, zucchini & basil?  And most of all who isn’t in love with truffle salt? I know this blog is mostly about oatmeal but I had to share this recipe, it’s that good.

Please try this at home.

Serves 1-2



Slice tomato into 1/4 inch slices.

Slice zucchini length wise with a mandolin or with a sharp knife (about 1/8 inch thick)

Cut sprouted tortilla into small triangles for garnish.

Start with a two slices of zucchini, side by side and spread pesto on top.  Layer with the largest slice of tomato and add a little more pesto, then another two slices of zucchini, layer pesto and add a smaller slice of tomato. Continue until your stack is the desired height.  Dollop a little more pesto on top, add sprouted tortilla triangles and a basil leaf.  Sprinkle with truffle salt.

You will fall in love with this and almost immediately wish you had made more…

Hallelujah Summer!

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tomato apple raisin

Along our travels around the county this weekend, we found this tomato-apple-raisin spread that we thought might be interesting in om of the day.  I have to admit it’s a little weird, but if you like tomatoes then you’ll like this.  It’s sweet and salty and a little chunky!


1 C cooked oatmeal
2 T tomato apple raisin spread


Mix spread with oatmeal and enjoy!

mOMent: The phrase ‘take it with a grain of salt’ always interested me because it implies that one should maintain at least some level of skepticism.  Being skeptical can help you maintain a balance of your own truth and the ideas others would have you believe.

So, I want to know…what are you skeptical about?