don’t force it

Don’t force it, find it.

I heard this phrase last night while watching my hubby’s ninjutsu class. His sensei said it when they were practicing blocks and punches. As soon as he said it something inside of me resonated with it. YES! I thought…how often do we try to FORCE something to happen when it would be so much more efficient and less taxing to just go with the flow?

When life throws punches do you find the flow that will allow you to move through it with grace?

I think, too often we as humans are so accustomed to fighting that we prepare for war unconsciously. We are so ready, and on guard to block attacks from our enemies that we forget that life can be a beautiful symphony of give and take, ebb and flow.

What would life be like if we could just begin to stop forcing the energy of life into what we believe it should be? Instead, we could find the flow, and ride it out like a wave we are surfing.

So this is the om of the day…as much as possible become in tune with the energy around you and to go with it. Even if your internal human-ness wants to fight it, try something different and find the flow.