Broccoli Marinara

Pretty basic, but filling and tasty. Pasta, sauce & broccoli. An easy assembly!








Carrot Hot Dogs & Mushrooms

Today we are having something I would have never considered doing myself. Marinated carrots, served as a hotdog! Yep, we marinated carrots overnight and then heated them up, put them in a bun and served them like a hotdog. Who wouldathunk? The marinade is quite tasty, and while it definitely didn’t have the texture of a hotdog, it certainly wasn’t missing any taste. Too bad I ate it before I took a picture! But don’t worry, we’ll be having then again later this week 🙂

Oh, and here’s a picture of Yoshi, who was relaxing near us while we ate. She’s about four thousand years old, but still cute…



For dinner, the sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato, brown rice and steamed broccoli, yum!