Mushroom Stroganoff

Wow! I was so excited about this Happy Herbivore recipe. The mushroom stroganoff sauce is really, really fantastic. I LOVED it. We ate it with tri-colored pasta from Trader Joes and it was  perfect for a warm comfort meal. This would be great during the holidays as a side dish as well.



Who’s hungry?




Sloppy Joes

So, the recipe from Happy Herbivore called for lentils as the main ingredient…but my husband doesn’t really enjoy them. So, I used Trader Joe’s meatless ground and substituted it in the recipe. It was seriously satisfying, another awesome meal. Ruben had his on top of toasted sourdough bread.

sloppy joes (2)


I had mine as a sloppy burrito, I added spinach and tomatoes, but you can not see it in the picture, so you’ll just have to imagine it…

”Grilled” Sweet Potato Salad

This recipe asked us to grill our sweet potato. Well, we don’t have a grill, so we used our panini press. It turned out just perfect. The salad contained corn, avocado, beans, bell pepper, green onion and I added some spices too. It was really a treat, especially on a hot evening. This will be a favorite for sure.





Easy satisfying brekkie

So the other morning I just really wanted something that touched all the flavors. I wanted sweet, savory, salty…well, I guess I didn’t want tart. I’m not a huge fan of tart like my husband who could eat sour patch kids all day long.

In any case, I went rummaging through the kitchen and came up with a fabulous and easy breakfast. All you need is one sweet potato and some sesame garlic tempeh (from Tofurkey). I microwaved the potato and cooked the tempeh in my panini press. After a few smashes of the taters and crumbles of the tempeh, it was like a scrumptious sweet & savory hash. I highly recommend it.

Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash




A little bit of a fail…

So, last night was supposed to be a Grilled Corn & Quinoa Salad, which actually ended up being “canned corn thrown in a pan with BBQ flavoring, green onion and grape tomatoes, mixed with quinoa and cilantro” we also added some avocado which gave it a little flair, but I really think next time we’ll try to find a grill to do the recipe as it suggests…because what was created was a little boring. Which I’m not a fan of…OH WELL!

Quinoa Tomato Corn Salad

On another note, I found a really cute avocado.

Teeny Avocado

Teeny Avocado


Next up: Eggless salad *super yummy*