BBQ Chick’n Salad

I was SO HOT last night that I really didn’t want to cook. So, I threw some ‘Beyond Meat’ chick’n strips on the Panini and made a salad with celery, carrots, romaine, sugar snap peas and BBQ dressing. I sprinkled BBQ seasoning on top of the chick’n and had a very satisfying meal.






onion and southern greens socca

As you may know, I love to bake.  And, while doing the Eat to Live cleanse during the first six weeks of this year,  I learned a lot about oil-free, grain-free baking. For one, it’s hard. There are not a lot of oil-free, sugar-free, grain-free recipes that taste good. So, I started playing with more of the savory baking and I learned that I absolutely love the idea of cooking with garbanzo bean flour. It is nutritious, filling and quite tasty.

Here is a recipe for a type of dish called socca. Traditionally, socca contains oil and is cooked in a socca pan. This recipe is adapted for those looking for a healthier alternative and still want something substantial to snack on. It’s similar to a flat bread but thicker, like a dense pancake. If you bake it first, let it cool and then re-toast it in the toaster oven, it is absolutely heavenly.  Enjoy!


1 C garbanzo flour

1 C water

1/2 C greens (I used Southern Greens from Trader Joe’s)

1/3 C onion

1/4 C nutritional yeast plus more for sprinkling

1/2 T Bragg aminos

1-2 t Herbs d’ Provence

red chili flakes to taste

Directions: Line a pie dish with parchment paper and pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Add all ingredients to  blender except red chili flakes and blend until all ingredients are well mixed. There may be chunks of onion and greens, which makes for a more textured experience.

Pour mixture into the pie dish and sprinkle with nutritional yeast and chili flakes.

Bake for 35-40 minutes or until the top is golden brown and there it is cooked all the way through. The inside of the socca will still be a bit chewy, that’s just the nature of the socca, a little crepe-like.

Mmmm…now how’s that for an oil-free, grain-free vegan treat? Your body will love you…



strawberry socca

This socca bread is meant to be a healthy treat. High in protein and naturally sweetened it is a perfect weeknight yummy for you and your hunny.


1 pint of strawberries (or more!), sliced

1 c garbanzo flour

1 c water

1 t vanilla

salt to taste, can be omitted

Directions: Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix flour and water together until no lumps remain. Add in vanilla and salt, if using. Stir in about half of the strawberries in the mixture and pour into a parchment lined (or sprayed with cooking spray) pie dish. Place remaining strawberries on the top of the mixture for adornment.

Bake for 30-45 minutes or until the socca bounces back slightly when pressed.

Let cool, and enjoy this healthy treat.





I saw this recipe and knew immediately that I needed to make it.  So here it is, with my adaptations…


120 g dates
240 g hazelnuts
40 g chocolate chips, melted
40 g cocoa
1/2 c maple syrup plus 2 tsp
1 t vanilla
1/4 t salt

20g cocoa powder
1/4 c maple syrup
120 g avocado

Toasted Hazelnuts
40 g hazelnuts
1 T maple syrup
pinch of salt


Pulse 240g (2c) hazelnuts in food processor until it’s finely ground, like a flour. Add dates, 1/2 c maple syrup (plus 2 tsp extra if dough seems dry), 40g (1/2 c) cocoa powder, melted chocolate chips, vanilla and salt (to taste). Process dough until it become sticky and thick.

Transfer dough into an 8 x 8 pan and spread out into an even layer. Cut into even pieces so it will be easy to layer with the icing.

Mix 40g (1/3 c) chopped hazelnuts with 1T maple syrup and a pinch of salt. Place in 300 degree oven until slightly toasted. Keep an eye on these, they will burn quickly once they are done. Set aside to cool while making icing.

To make the icing blend the avocado (1 medium) with 20g (1/4 c) cocoa powder and 1/4c maple syrup and 1/4 t vanilla. Blend until smooth.

Assemble the bites by spreading icing on bottom layer, adding the second bite, layering more icing and finally topping with the toasted hazelnuts.



mOMent: What’s your favorite nut? What’s your favorite nut-butter?

Truffled Tomato Basil Stacks

If this recipe could sing, it would sound like a choir from the most angelic place on earth.  Who doesn’t love fresh wholesome ingredients?  Who doesn’t LOVE heirloom tomato, zucchini & basil?  And most of all who isn’t in love with truffle salt? I know this blog is mostly about oatmeal but I had to share this recipe, it’s that good.

Please try this at home.

Serves 1-2



Slice tomato into 1/4 inch slices.

Slice zucchini length wise with a mandolin or with a sharp knife (about 1/8 inch thick)

Cut sprouted tortilla into small triangles for garnish.

Start with a two slices of zucchini, side by side and spread pesto on top.  Layer with the largest slice of tomato and add a little more pesto, then another two slices of zucchini, layer pesto and add a smaller slice of tomato. Continue until your stack is the desired height.  Dollop a little more pesto on top, add sprouted tortilla triangles and a basil leaf.  Sprinkle with truffle salt.

You will fall in love with this and almost immediately wish you had made more…

Hallelujah Summer!

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cinnamon raisin almond baked!

While the hubby is off in Canada sometimes I get a wild streak…If you call baking my breakfast wild that is.  So this morning I made my hot cereal the normal way, but then I did something out of the ordinary.  I added almond milk and baked it!  It was soooooo delicious.  You’ll have to try it to know what I mean, it was like an oatmeal cookie for breakfast!


40 g Country Choice Organic Hot Cereal

1 C water

1/2 C almond milk

1 T raisins

1 T slivered almonds

cinnamon and sweetener to taste

Directions: Make hot cereal the way you would normally make it.  I use the rice cooker, taking the cereal and water and dumping it in the pot and pushing ‘start’.  Easy.

After it’s done cooking, put in a ramekin with almond milk, raisins and any sweetener you would like.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until a light crust develops on top.  Let cool and dig in!

mOMent: What wild streak will you allow to come over you today?

Strawberry Anzac!

Anzac cookies are probably one of my favorite cookies! The richness of coconut, the depth of Lyle’s golden syrup all held together with oats, flour and sugar…oh yeah, and your favorite non-dairy butter too! How incredibly delicious this mixture is.

All I can say is THANKS AUSTRALIA for coming up with a perfect cookie.  Australians call these cookies biscuits and they were developed during the first World War for the soldiers.  They were perfect for travel because they do not contain milk or eggs, which means the soldiers had a yummy way to have sustenance while away.

The one secret ingredient is Lyle’s Golden Syrup.  I found mine at a local store that has an international section.  Look where you might find ingredients from the UK, you will likely find this sweet gem.

There’s only one way it could get better…add fruit! So which fruit goes well with coconut and oats? My pick is strawberry. I originally planned on making homemade strawberry jam but then got impatient (big surprise for those who know me) and bought a jar of organic strawberry preserves instead. I suppose that for this recipe you could use homemade jam and it would add another layer of deliciousness.

I made two versions of this mixture:

1. Strawberry Thumbprint Anzac Cookies
2. Strawberry Anzac Crumble

Strawberry Thumbprint Anzac Cookies

These cookies are sweet, rich and the texture is a little chewy, a little soft…and A LOT delectable.

The recipe is fairly straightforward:

1 C rolled oats
3/4 desiccated coconut (I use unsweetened)
1 C white flour
1 C sugar
125g (4oz) Earth Balance (1 stick)
2 T Lyle’s golden syrup
1/2 t baking soda
1-3 T water
1 10 oz. jar of strawberry jam or preserves


Preheat oven to 300F

1. In a big bowl, mix oats, flour, sugar & coconut together.
2. In a little bowl, melt syrup and butter together.
3. In a baby bowl, mix soda with 1 T boiling water. Add to melted butter and syrup. Then add that to the dry ingredients. Mix together, add a little extra water if it seems really dry.
4. Place 1 T of mixture on parchment paper lined cookie sheets (allow room for spreading). Flatten with fingers just slightly and add a small spoonful of jam to the top of each cookie. Sprinkle with coconut as a garnish if desired
5. Bake for 20 minutes, checking periodically. These cookies have a tendency to brown really fast.
6. Let cool completely and devour.

Strawberry Anzac Crumble

Ok – this recipe was stumbled upon by mistake but will certainly be resurfacing in my house as a favorite. First make a batch of the Anzac cookie dough and gather any ramekins (I used 8-10 oz. ramekins). Depending on how large your ramekins are and how much jam you use, the measurements will vary. Have fun


1 batch of Anzac Cookie Dough
Strawberry Jam
Dessicated coconut for garnish
Fresh strawberries (about one strawberry per ramekin)


Preheat oven to 300 degrees

1. Prepare one batch of Anzac Cookie Dough
2. Layer about 1/4 inch of cookie dough in the bottom of ramekin. Press into the bottom of the ramekin.
3. Spread a thin layer of strawberry jam over the dough.

4. Add another layer (about 1/4 inch) of Anzac dough, but don’t press the dough down too much. The mixture will not completely fill the ramekin, but it will rise.

5. Garnish with strawberries and coconut.
6. Bake for 20-40 minutes depending on how gooey and delicious you like your crumbles. About 30 minutes will get you a nice browned edge with a soft berry-licious center.
7. Let cool, it will stay hot for quite some time. Enjoy…

Dig in!