The people here in Tiruvannamalai work so hard. Everyone at the ashram is truly dedicated to their service and seems more than happy to do their part. And, after reading more about Ramana Maharshi I can understand why.

But, in the city of Tiru the daily grind of hard work seems to never cease. Sellers are always near to offer you the best price for their wares. Sadhus are hard at work begging for alms. And, people on our street are working tirelessly to dig a ditch (for why purpose I do not know).

It puts a lot into perspective when I’m frustrated at the wifi speed at the local internet shop while a small 12 year old boy drives an ox cart, screaming at the animal, down the road.

But for the record to the man at the front gate peddling Ayurvedic massages…no I don’t want a massage from you just because you think we shared a past life together.



Map of India Trip

Okidoki! Here’s some fun…Many of you have been asking for a visual aid. So, here’s a map of our destinations… Click on the link to see the map in Google maps: Map of India Trip

India Map

T minus 2, I mean 4, I mean 7

So…when you’re counting down to a fun activity (such as going to India), which day do you use to countdown? The day you start the journey? Or, the day you arrive at your destination?

We leave for LA on Thursday (2 days), our plane leaves Saturday (4 days) and we arrive in India on Tuesday of next week in the weeeeee hours of the morning.

When I started counting down to this occasion I decided on the middle one. Seems like a good compromise. But, as the days get closer the meaning of time seems to change. Some moments seem to take forever while others seem to slip through my fingers like silky sand.indian-time-watch1

One of the teachings that I expect to practice repeatedly during this trip is the importance of being in the present moment. Already, I have experienced the phenomenon Indian time (trying to create an account with the Indian Railway is not for the impatient!). I have already practiced the hurry up and wait attitude and I know this is only the beginning…So, I better get comfortable with the concept of time bending. Ru and I can practice our magical skills while we travel.


while you are waiting


Either way, it is a very interesting time. I feel anxious and nervous, yet calm and ready. We’ve been planning this for a long time, and it has almost arrived. A dream almost realized…Another lesson in being in the moment. Staying out of the future as well as the past to completely embody this moment which is truly full of every emotion.