about om

Well, a few years ago I had this idea for a blog that would chronicle the year…through oatmeal! Yes, everyday for a year I found different ways to incorporate that lovely grain into my daily life.  It was yummy, fun and challenging but soon enough the year was over. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I scoured my mind for another theme and finally after thinking, and mulling and perusing ideas I decided to just let this little blog evolve into what it is supposed to be. So instead of forcing it to be something it isn’t, I’m letting it grow up and transition into a different style of blog. Sure there will be recipes, and yummy food. But, in addition to all of this will be some more personal posts.  I hope you find it entertaining, interesting, versatile and worth your time.

So, here’s to another commitment…a year, starting on Lent 2012 to blogging for another year, quality over quantity.




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